Small Business

What’s a black business?

Late 2017, I endeavored to provide free bookkeeping for 400 small business. I knew I’d cover Mamelodi,Soshanguve, Mabopane, Attridgeville, Ga-Rankuwa, Thembisa, Olivenhoudt, Soweto, Etwata, Zeerust, Langa, Butterworth, Motherwell etc. ”So, black businesses?”People asked.

“Yes”, I said realizing the places I listed were predominantly black populated. I didn’t set out to do the bookkeeping of “black business” but my sense of confidence and self identity didn’t feel irrelevant wanting to cover black business. I wondered if the same question sits just as well when the owners of these business are told that they’re only relevant to a sector of the population. If they did, was it a sense of pride? A limitation to growth? A “we’re shut out?”

It became an obsession to complete my mission and cover 400 so called black businesses. I wanted them to be able to be part of a certain industry, have an identity that could be explained, expressed and worn on the daily. I want us to have a kasi exchange, kasi excellence awards, children in schools on kasi bursaries. The institution of black business exists whether we like it or not. But even we, it’s owners, definers and participants can’t describe it.

Truth is Randelas are Randelas. Business is not black or white. This part of Finance Hut is fully dedicated to telling this story. The story of the 24 year old intern designing necklaces, plating toasted tramezzinis, styling amagents, organizing photo shoots and various everyday startups that will be the big business of tomorrow.

Here is home. We see you. We believe in you. Nay’ iControl.

If you’re a black business looking for bookkeeping services and a financial function that matches the potential of your business write us and we’ll be honored to tell your story. Then get a seatbelt. You’re going up!

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