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We have come across many other resources out there to help you make great decision on your path to building wealth. From mobile apps to websites that will help you manage your finances better, give your business an edge and ultimately sharpen your skills. Feel free to contact us to recommend a resource that should be on the list or give us feedback on your use of these resources.

Manage your money more easily and invest it more smartly with the free 22seven app.

See all your money in one place. Get a personalised budget, automatically.

Find relevant insights, regularly. Keep track of your money more simply.

Grow your money more smartly.

Dollar Street

Imagine the world as a street ordered by income. Everyone lives somewhere on the street. The poorest lives to the left and the richest to the right. Everybody else live somewhere in between. Dollar Street, invented by Anna Rosling Rönnlund, was created “…to show how people really live.”

Simple easy fun.
With all the information buzzing around in your head, you need a place to play. EasyEquities is a platform that allows you buy all these investments that we’ve enjoyed discussing with you on this website. Now go get ‘em

picking shares is not the only way to invest your hard earned money. If you’re interested in the abc’s of trading, ETFs and/or a community of like minded people there is no more comprehensive resource than JustOneLap. Very few of us would be where we are if it wasn’t for their financial literacy platform.

Startup Investor School is a free, 4-day course designed to educate early stage investors interested in investing in startups.

Straight from Stanford University. The ones that brought us the creators of Google, LinkedIn, AirBnb, etc. is a South African consumer finance information and discussion website founded with the aim of providing free financial information and journalistic financial articles enabling South Africans to save money.

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