How do I actually actually start Investing

Step by Step Guide to starting my journey of owning shares…

#1 Open an Account

Click Here:

It  is very important that you complete this step. Without actually opening an investment account you cannot really be a shareholder. EasyEquities is my favorite provider as they are cheap and easy to interact with.

Other providers include:



Above are a very few popular portfolio platforms (kinda like a bank for shares) that you can use but feel free to search any others depending on your needs ie someone to pick shares for you [at a price], information [available on google], or simply convenience [ie don’t involve me in the process].

#2 Try out the demo

For most people investing is still very scary so I would advise instead of immediately jumping in, try out the demo ie a simulation of the market. Trying out the demo helps you build your confidence without putting down actual money. A demo gives you time to do a lot of the research yourself and to gain your own convictions. Trust me nothing can substitute that feeling.

One drawback of a Demo Account is that there’s a hurdle of commitment that it does not bring out of you. Most people stop/become complacent at this point and perpetuate an “I can’t do this” cycle towards investing, often missing out on the compounding benefits of investing as soon as possible.

So whisk through this step and get to the next as quickly as you can. But be comfortable with your platform first.

#3 Deposit some money into your share portfolio.

I normally advise that you deposit as little money as possible (weird right?) into your actual account and then be guided by your interest.

Truth is that not all of us enjoy the thrill of a virtual shop for shareholders. Not all of us enjoy buying individual shares and being a “know it all.” Which is perfectly fine but no excuse for letting inflation and your bank eat your future returns.Put in a little amount and buy ETF’s [a basket of pre selected shares], on EasyEquities buy baskets/bundles [a theme of shares eg cancer month baskets, braai bundles etc]. So there really is no excuse!

#4 Have fun, learn and Grow.

You may not believe me or know it yet, but being an investor is really really fun. On random days you’ll just get a message saying “Dear Shareholder” [Yes you lekker ding]. I can’t put that feeling into words when you have a manager on your back, or on a Friday when you’re broke, or that time of the day when you need a pick me up. Nor can I explain the feeling of unexpected dividends or a random truck [with your company logo] passes you in the morning,yep putting in the hours for you!

The greater benefit, as if you need one, beyond the money and the status is the amount of learning that takes place once you put your money somewhere. Don’t take my word for it, buy Disney shares and see how much research you do on Black Panther.

With this level of engagement comes growth. Again a bonus, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting paid to grow.

Give this investing thing a try and tag me on @LesegishaM to have a brag. I dare you ☺

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