Who We Are

Why don’t you start a miniature Asset Management company while you work your way up? I have, it’s a Hut.

It’s not often Finance and IT meet, but of late when they have the world has moved forward in ways not previously imaginable. Finance Hut is the space where Finance and IT meet to put back 1) Control and 2) Confidence in your next step to wealth creation. It is a coming together of young minds to combine their industry specific knowledge in order to help each other maximize both the available returns on the JSE as well as to grow each other’s businesses using our respective work exposures.

We’re a meeting place that looks to affirm each other by providing one another with world class service when it comes to industry knowledge and small business incubation with a finance orientation.

We believe in the ability of the young professional to make their own investing decisions as well as to establish and grow their own small nyana business when given the tools to get on their way.

We look to offer stock market opinions backed by research, using widely available reporting information. We also aim to do the bookkeeping of and profile 400 miniature businesses in order to build a body of knowledge regarding the next tycoons around you.

We have a 10-20 year horizon and will look to help you build a sustainable investment portfolio and/or business, while being accessible in language without compromising the integrity of the quality of information provided. We will ensure that each bit of research will lead to actionable advice that when acted on gives YOU control and confidence to continue building your wealth.

Super dope concluding paragraph that leaves you feeling like you finally have a partner to help you make sense of finance on your wealth creation journey.I wish you  many lessons but mostly Randelas. Chairman M’o

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